About Air + Water

Air + Water is a series of photos of the Earth taken once a day from a NASA satellite positioned one million miles away and then transposed onto a cyanotype print.

The series puts a heavy visual emphasis on two of the most important natural provisions from our home planet, our breathable air and our life-giving water.  These elements are vulnerable on Earth and limited within our own solar system.  They dominate the view in these prints, in addition to our own past, present, and future.

The distance of the satellite and its dated camera restricts the resolution of these photos and keeps the prints to just 9 x 12 inches.  Yet this fits.  At a million miles away, the Earth looks like a small oasis in the inhospitable desert of space.   

The photos in this series were taken over several weeks across a mid-year solstice.  The digital file was provided by NASA and then transposed into cyanotype, one of the oldest photographic mediums.  

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